A Brief History of Reynolds Polymer Technology

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. started out as a division of a larger company in the early 1980s. Our focus was entirely on manufacturing aquarium windows and developing the capabilities of acrylic. The success of these efforts allowed us to set out on our own and RPT was incorporated in May 1987. Over the following years our product offerings expanded greatly to include the scientific, medical, and architectural industries. By 1992, RPT outgrew the original California location and decided to move to a 75,000 ft² facility in Grand Junction, Colorado. A growing Asian aquarium construction market then demanded the opening of our 43,700 ft² Thailand facility in 2000. A second, 33,000 ft² Thai plant was opened in 2013.

Over the past 25 years, Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. has been expanding and strengthening its presence in the acrylic design market. Our adaptation to changing market conditions and our drive to constantly develop new and better products propelled us into what we are today - one of the industry's leading acrylic designers and aquarium builders. Millions see our work across the globe each year, from the largest aquarium windows in existence to private architectural glass and wall features. 

Our corporate offices and manufacturing
facility in Grand Junction, Colorado.
Our Thailand office is now a
Thailand Board of Investment (BOI) promoted company.


Chances are that if you can dream it, we can build it. Whether you bring us your idea sketched onto a cocktail napkin or a fully detailed drawing, we'll work with you to determine the feasibility of it, the timeline, and the budget.

Big projects. Unique projects. Groundbreaking projects. All of us at Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. focus on making the "impossible" projects possible in aquarium construction. With almost 30 years' experience, we are constantly reinventing the definition of what can be done with acrylic, resins, and composites.
That means testing the capabilities of R-Cast® acrylic and resins in creating the experience you desire. We will work tirelessly to find the right solution to bring your dream to life.


Through an advanced casting process, RPT and our proprietary R-Cast® brand acrylic consistently break new ground as to what can be accomplished with acrylic, resin, and composite designs. Unlike the rest of the industry that laminates multiple, thinner acrylic sheets together, each project we handle is custom cast to the required thickness. This allows for better optical and thermoforming properties, thus permitting greater design freedoms.

An integral part in bringing these custom acrylic designs to completion is achieved by bonding. Our bonding technology is unsurpassed, with the flexibility of doing the bonding on-site or at the factory, so you can get just about any configuration imaginable.


  • Aquariums: We are the only aquarium design company that engineers, manufactures, and installs our own cast acrylic windows.
  • Architecture: Our experience building some of the world's most challenging structures makes us the leading choice to create striking architectural glass designs.
  • Luxury Pools: Our window and aquarium experience and technology translate seamlessly to the pool industry.
  • Signage: Our solid color R-Cast® Opaques and R-Cast® Laminates are perfect for signage and custom-cast applications such as furniture.
  • And More: Even if your dream project doesn't fall into one of the above categories, our R-Cast® acrylic and resins are versatile enough to bring your design to life.