Project: Arthrex
Location: Naples, FL, USA
Application: Acrylic Water Feature
Year Opened: 2014

RPT manufactured materials for a lustrous outdoor water fountain and commercial sign at Arthrex national headquarters. The design features a 3,300-gallon pool and custom, 3D acrylic lettering.   For a company as dynamic as medical device developer Arthrex, the scale of the fountain is quite appropriate. The infinity-edge pool, formed in a gentle wave with 2.4-inch thick walls, is constructed of 2,057 pounds of R-Cast® material. In total, the pool is 25-feet long, nine-feet wide, three-feet high, and required four chemical bonds.   The three-dimensional Arthrex logo in the center of the pool, which appears to float on the water’s surface, actually weighs 3,230 pounds. At 8.5-feet high and six inches thick, the lettering had to be machined from a single piece of R-Cast Opaque with a surgical precision worthy of its owner. Together with the flowing waters of the fountain, the Arthrex trademark is both prominent and sleek.
Over the years, R-Cast® acrylic has been used in an impressive array of water features, from hotel lobby fountains to large-diameter outdoor pools. “Our material is strong, versatile, and attractive,” said Josh Fritz, Director of Marketing & Sales Operations. “If you want something eye-catching displayed at your business, whether there is water involved or not, the solution can be found with our acrylic.”