Custom Made Acrylic Rods

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Reynolds Polymer is your #1 choice for unique custom projects. Order cut-to-size custom made acrylic rods.  We offer world-class specialty acrylic design, manufacturing, & installation solutions.

Millions see our work across the globe each year, from the largest aquarium windows in existence to private architectural acrylic pool and wall features. With three offices strategically located across the globe, we have the team and the solution necessary to make your architectural and design dreams come true.

We handle logistics and are fully stocked so your project can move forward quickly.

  • Wide Variety
  • High-Quality
  • Custom Cast Process
  • Multiple Distribution Hubs


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Also Available: UVT, Custom Diameter and Cut-to-Length sizes.

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R-Cast acrylic rods meet the tolerances and physical properties specified in ASTM D-5436-99 for Type UVA finish 1 cast acrylic rods.