City of Dreams

Project: City of Dreams
Location: Macau, China
Application: Projection Screen
Year Opened: 2009


Conceived with the notion of bringing dreams to life, the City of Dreams resort and casino turns fantasy into reality with its immense virtual aquarium. Built out of massive Highly Engineered Acrylic panels modified to be used for projection, the panels evoke childhood fantasies of mermaids effortlessly slipping through the sea. Water gently cascading down the front of the screens adds to the reality of the dream-like virtual mermaid show.

Manufacturing a rear projection panel of this size required three on-site bonds. The height of panels stands at nearly 22 feet tall (6.7m) and more than 30 feet long (9.2m). The panels are two inches thick (50.8mm).

Rear projection units turn the panels into a virtual aquarium, showing a variety of actual sea life along with fabled sea life such as the mermaids.  


The ever-growing possibilities of designing with acrylic greet visitors at the new City of Dreams resort and casino complex in Macau. There, a massive 8 foot diameter (2.5m) acrylic, illuminated water feature manufactured by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. sits in the main boulevard of stores that shoppers pass through.

Contracted by sister company International Concept Management, Inc., RPT engineered and manufactured the sphere to exact specifications. Precise measurements and manufacturing were required in order for the sphere to function properly as a water fountain. Any surface that was not level would mean that water would not evenly spill out of the top hole of the sphere and down the sides. RPT ensured that the sphere was as perfect as possible when it came time for installation.

Because of the complexity of the sphere, a half-scale model was built before final, full-size manufacturing began. The half-scale model ensured proper engineering measurements and tested the water pump and filtration systems to ensure that the final, full size sphere was installed without a hitch.

The result is a highly polished, clear sphere that measures eight feet in diameter (2.5m). A hole in the top of the sphere allows water to be pumped through the inside of the sphere and bubble out the top before gently cascading evenly down the sides of the globe into the catch pool below.

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