Our experience and expertise building some of the world’s most challenging structures makes us the leading choice for all your acrylic needs. Whether you’re creating a never-before-been-done architectural masterpiece, looking for commercial acrylic sheeting or rods, or if you need acrylic original equipment manufacturing (OEM), Reynolds Polymer has you covered.

With over 35 years’ experience and more than 3,000 projects completed in 59 countries, Reynolds Polymer is constantly reinventing the definition, and setting the standard, of what can be done with acrylic.


Reynolds Polymer can engineer, manufacture, and install acrylic structures once thought impossible. We are setting the standard for what can be done with acrylic and we relish in making the biggest architectural design dreams comes true.


Reynolds Polymer makes the thickest, monolithic acrylic sheeting and rods in the industry for all your commercial needs. This makes us the choice for unique, custom projects which require geometries that would be impossible with laminated sheets.


Reynolds Polymer will help design, manufacture, qualify, and test an acrylic assembly that will adhere and interface to the strictest specifications and standards. We have extensive experience with state of the art forming technologies to achieve unique surface profiles and custom shapes.


Reynolds Polymer has developed a proprietary chemical formulation for acrylic sheets that will limit a flame spread in the event of combustion. Sheet is rated as V-0 material.



Our team inspires creativity through our world class specialty acrylic design, manufacturing, and installation solutions.