Aquariums & Zoos

Reynolds Polymer is the only company in the world that designs, engineers, casts, forms, fabricates, and installs cast acrylic panels for use in aquaria. As a true turn-key provider of aquarium panels, Reynolds Polymer maintains complete control over the quality of every step of the process, ensuring that the safety and integrity of your project is not jeopardized. We adhere to the strictest specifications, while ensuring that we bring your concept and design to life at the lowest possible cost.

From the largest acrylic aquarium panels in the world, to private residential aquarium cylinders, we have the experience and know-how to get the job done right, the first time. Our engineering team has over decades of experience in the custom acrylic industry, and can work with your designers up front to make your design feasible.  This allows our clients the freedom to dream big with their designs for the latest aquaria, while our engineering team can make recommendations with regards to cost saving value engineered solutions.  Reynolds Polymer has the experience to think through all of facets of producing custom cast acrylic aquarium panels, to address any feasibility concerns before production begins.  This allows our clients to make any needed adjustments to their site plans well before construction drawings are finalized, and keeps the whole project on schedule.  

Custom acrylic aquariums and pool panels come in all shapes and sizes.  To meet this demand Reynolds Polymer thermoforms all of our curved panels in-house, utilizing our industry leading engineering staff, weld shop, and custom ovens.  This allows Reynolds Polymer to control all aspects and tolerances of the process to create an infinite amount of custom shaped acrylic panels.  Our large, proprietary ovens are designed to thermoform even the largest, most complex shaped panels.  Reynolds Polymer has the ability and experience to form our acrylic in multiple directions, to create: spheres, barrel shapes, trumpet shapes, cones, curved tubes, curved tunnels, and more.  Our ability and experience to provide multi-radii shapes, allows designers the freedom to shape their aquaria into never-seen-before designs.  From free standing underwater dome rooms to 360-degree tunnel assemblies, Zoos and Aquaria are now giving visitors views and experiences like the world has never seen.  The team at Reynolds Polymer has been vital in bringing these exhibits to life.

Aquarium and Zoo designers constantly try to bring the visitors as close to the animals as possible, for a truly immersive experience.  Custom cast and formed acrylic panels offer the unparalleled ability to do this in truly unique ways.  As a visitor walks into a clear underwater tunnel, and an animal swims overhead, they feel like they can just reach out and touch the animals.  This sense of actually being underwater with the animals lends a whole new perspective to the visitor experience, as there are new sight lines and viewing angles that they have never seen before with standard flat panel tanks.  The same is true for pop-up panels that allow children to poke their heads into tanks without getting wet, and seeing the animals up close from their point of view.  Plus, designers can incorporate viewing angles for parents to photograph their children through the acrylic, as if the kids were in the tank with the fish.