Reynolds Polymer will help design, manufacture, qualify, and test an acrylic assembly that will adhere and interface to specifications and standards. The scientific properties of acrylic, make it ideal for all types of OEM components. Our experience makes us the ideal choice to for all of your OEM needs.

We have extensive experience with state of the art forming technologies to achieve unique surface profiles and custom shapes. We can advise based on analysis and testing on the design of both the interior and exterior features, collaborating with your team to meet your interface and specification requirements.

At Reynolds Polymer, we also offer superior project management and tracking tools for both internal processes, as well as client communications. This allows for real-time updates, better reporting, on-time delivery, and complete transparency into the status of the project.

“World class deck of information. This is the most complete update we have had from any supplier.” – Civil Aviation Defense and Security Company

Samples of industries and products we service include, but are not limited to – 

  • Military
  • Aviation
  • Medical
  • Telecommunication 
  • Photobioreactors
  • Automotive
  • Just to name a few


Have an OEM need and you’re not sure if acrylic is the right material? Reach out and discover how our engineering and design team can help! 

OEM flight simulator

Flight Simulators

Reynolds Polymer has extensive experience with the world’s top aerospace and military education and training companies.



The durability and clarity of Reynolds Polymer’s proprietary acrylic makes us the obvious choice for human underwater exploration.

scientific structure


Reynolds Polymer has been doing scientific projects for decades. Our material is one of the top materials used for Dark Matter Neutrino studies.

water slide at night in a water park

Water Parks

Reynolds Polymer supplies industry leading clear slide tubes and panels for high-end water parks and cruise ships.





Our team inspires creativity through our world class specialty acrylic design, manufacturing, and installation solutions.