Custom Cast Acrylic

RPT is consistently breaking new ground with what can be accomplished with acrylic.  While the industry standard for obtaining thick acrylic, for most aquarium builders, is to laminate a series of thinner panels together, our superior technology allows for monolithic castings, providing better optical and thermoforming properties.  Our technology and expertise allows for custom castings that are nearly 4 feet thick, a feat that no other company in the industry can match.  

Our single-pour casting method allows for truly custom acrylic pieces to be created with only your project in mind.  All material used is created on a case-by-case basis, it will not be pulled from a shelf holding hundreds of identical acrylic sheets.  This allows for greater flexibility in producing whatever acrylic geometry our clients need.  We are known for our ability to Build the Impossible, custom casting statues, monoliths, figurines, tunnels, spheres, logos and architectural textures.