The installation of any acrylic panel requires a certain level of expertise.  Often the location and type of installation requires creative problem solving and artistic finesse.  Our project managers work closely with construction companies, contractors, and other industry professionals to effectively and efficiently bring the project to completion following our proven important steps. 


There is no room for error in the installation process, especially due to the amount of pressure that large panels are often subjected to.  RPT technicians will note any cracks or disconformities in concrete bearing surfaces that are in need of correction, and remedial procedures will be addressed.  They will also confirm that all measurements and rebates are accurate before the panels are brought on-site.


Once the area has been properly prepared, RPT will oversee the offloading and placement of the panels into the rebate or opening.  In the course of over 1900 projects in 57 countries, we have completed any imaginable type of crane or chain fall based installation. 


The proper sealing of all rebates and panels, as well as the correct dimensions and design of the sealing system is crucial for any acrylic project. RPT will specify the proper sealing system and conditions for the panels in any project no matter the size.

On-Site Bonding

RPT has perfected the art of on-site bonding.  Our patented R-Cast bonding material and proprietary methods can create a seamless viewing panel for any exhibit regardless of the size or thickness.  Unlike laminated acrylic bonds that attract and focus light, our monolithic bonds are invisible to viewers.  Unsightly or improper bonds distract from the viewing experience that our clients seek to create.