Building the Impossible

Big Projects.

Unique Projects.

Ground-Breaking Projects.

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. (RPT) focuses on making the “impossible” possible.  With almost 30 years’ experience, and the innovative nature inherent in every employee, RPT is constantly reinventing the definition and setting the standard of what can be done with acrylic.  Whether you bring us your idea sketched onto a cocktail napkin or a fully detailed drawing, our engineered staff will work with you to make your vision a reality.

Inspiration drives innovation.

Through our advanced acrylic casting process, bonding technology, and design staff, RPT is consistently breaking new ground as to what can be accomplished with acrylic.  Unlike the rest of the industry that laminates multiple, thinner acrylic sheets together, each project at RPT is custom cast to the required thickness.  This allows for better optical and thermoforming properties, thus permitting greater design freedoms.  Our bonding technology is unsurpassed, and with the flexibility of performing the bonding on-site or at the factory you can get just about any configuration imaginable.  Our bonding capabilities play an integral part in bringing your dream to life. 

In addition to our casting processes and bonding technology, our highly trained design engineers work hard to make the impossible possible.  They are constantly testing new possibilities and, pushing the limits of what can be achieved with our acrylic to create the experience you desire.  We will work tirelessly to find the right solution to Build the Impossible.