Can an Invisible Product Change the Way People See Aquariums?


Can an Invisible Product Change the Way People See Aquariums? Reynolds Polymer Says Yes

With the introduction of the new Signature Bond™, R-Cast® acrylic windows can now be fused together without visible bond lines. This revolutionary method, unveiled at Cube Aquarium in January, is now available for use in oceanarium projects around the world.
Aquarium construction pioneer Reynolds Polymer Technology, already known for having engineered the industry’s finest bond lines, has now made their bonds effectively invisible. The new Signature Bond™, now in use at Cube Aquarium in China and Wonders of Wildlife in the United States, features the same material and strength as RPT’s traditional bond, but is not observable from the majority of viewing angles. This lends itself to applications where vast, unimpeded views are desired for aquarium windows, acrylic pool panels, and architectural applications.
The Signature Bond™ is made possible via the proprietary, monolithic formula of R-Cast® acrylic. The feat of fusing such giant objects (panel sections can be up to three stories tall and weighs as much as six vehicles) together so discreetly will leave a benchmark for the industry that isn’t reachable with other types of acrylic. Laminated panels, those that are composed of several thinner panels that are glued together, do not allow for the fine edges or clarity needed for the Signature Bond™. 
“In its most basic form, on paper, what we are doing here seems quite simple,” said Executive Vice President Matt Houlihan. “In practice, however, it took years of research to perfect this technology. The result is that our customers can offer the public seamless views into the exhibits that they have traveled, and paid, to see.”
The bond that RPT pioneered decades ago – the R-Cast® Standard Bond – will remain as the value-driven workhorse of the two bonds. The differentiating feature is that Standard Bonds, however minute, are at times detectable under specific lighting conditions. The Signature Bond™, when installed as intended, will not reveal itself based on environmental factors.
Both bonding options are custom priced for every application and are available after project evaluation.

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