Aquatic Glazing International (AGI)

Aquatic Glazing International has developed through many years a highly experienced team of designers, draftsmen, fabricators and installation technicians that have the know how to tackle any project. From underwater tunnels, domes, viewing structures and highly engineered public and private pools, we’ve done just about every kind of installation there is including cantilevered acrylic bottom pools 47 stories high.

Whether your project needs engineered acrylic or glass for animal impact loads, live loads, seismic, or hurricane force winds, we have a professional team that can handle it all from initial design through installation and warranty.

Aquatic Glazing International is your answer for “Turn Key” water containment leak free glazing. AGI waterproofing systems can be integrated into any aquatic habitat. From leak detection, remediation and waterproofing; AGI offers a variety of restoration services, including Acrylic panel scratch removal and polishing.

For your next project, contact the preferred installation company for Zoos and Aquariums, Aquatic Glazing International – “Anchoring your Success”.

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