Joule Hotel

The elegant ambiance of the renovated Joule Hotel is complemented by the RPT’s Highly Engineered Acrylic swimming pool that extends from the roofline. The restoration of the neo-Gothic façade that dates back to the 1920s involved the addition of a swimming pool on the roof that protrudes several feet beyond the edge of the building.

To highlight the emptiness and serenity at 8 stories high, a RPT clear acrylic panel was installed to serve as the edge of the pool that hangs over the building. The pool has garnered attention for the hotel, if for no other reason than a pool hanging over a street 8 stories up certainly catches the eye.

Joule Hotel Website

Project: Joule Hotel
Location: Dallax, TX, USA
Application: Acrylic Window
Year Opened: 2007


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