Press Releases

  • October 15, 2015
    Reynolds Polymer Technology engineered, manufactured, and installed the SNO vessel in collaboration with Dr. MacDonald and his team Download Full Article Grand Junction, CO. October 09, 2015 - What is invisible to all but... Read More
  • June 26, 2015
    An assortment of acrylic tunnels, tubes, and bubbles make for unique viewing opportunities at Sea Life Orlando. R-Cast® Acrylic can offer endless options for aquarium exhibits and creative ways to entertain guests. Download... Read More
  • April 27, 2015
    The culmination of a two-and-one-half-year renovation effort, the newly unveiled facility has brought a welcome variety of educational exhibits and sea life to the community. There is plenty to talk about inside the Toledo Zoo’s... Read More
  • March 24, 2015
    Can an Invisible Product Change the Way People See Aquariums? Reynolds Polymer Says Yes With the introduction of the new Signature Bond™, R-Cast® acrylic windows can now be fused together without visible bond lines. This revolutionary method, unveiled at Cube Aquarium in January, is now available... Read More
  • February 4, 2015
    Chengdu Seaside City Shopping Mall is now home to the Cube Aquarium, which opened on New Year’s Day 2015. RPT manufactured several custom acrylic panels for the attraction, two of which feature the revolutionary Signature Bond™. Inside the world’s largest free-standing building, Chengdu’s... Read More
  • January 20, 2015
    Butch Ringelspaugh is an industry expert with several years of experience in both conservation and acrylic sales. He is expected to have a large impact on a region full of potential growth.
    Grand Junction, CO. January 20, 2015 - Reynolds Polymer Technology is pleased to announce that... Read More
  • January 14, 2015
    Lotte World Aims to Leave Guests in Awe with Underwater Aquarium Escalator Manufactured by Reynolds Polymer Technology The recently completed Lotte World Aquarium, in South Korea, features a subsurface escalator, underwater viewing tunnels, and a nearly 30-yard long main viewing window. RPT... Read More
  • December 31, 2014
    Aquarium Manufacturer Reynolds Polymer Technology Celebrates a Remarkable Year of Success RPT has launched 159 projects in 24 countries over the past 12 months, making it the most productive time-period in recent history. 2014 included several large-scale openings and the addition of substantial... Read More
  • December 23, 2014
    Aquarium Manufacturer Reynolds Polymer Technology Lends Itself to Yet another World Record RPT provided acrylic for the towering tank at the new Avia Park Mall in Moscow. The freestanding cylinder reaches nearly 75 feet into the air, making it the tallest such aquarium in the world. For many a... Read More
  • December 9, 2014
    Acrylic Manufacturer Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. Launches Next Generation Product Lab State-of-the-art research facility added to the Reynolds Polymer Technology headquarters office in Grand Junction, CO. The many-faceted lab will refine quality control, increase production, and be used to... Read More