Updated Reynolds Statement in Response to the 2022 Berlin AquaDom Tank Fracture


As previously reported in the media, Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. is investigating the AquaDom tank fracture that occurred December 2022 in Berlin. We manufactured and installed the outer and inner cylinders 20 years ago. The cylinders were permitted and licensed by the local authorities during its manufacturing and installation and were subject to testing and validation by third parties prior to operation. The cylinders were in operation and serviced by others from 2003 to 2019. The cylinders were then taken out of service and renovated by others beginning in 2019 and reopened in 2022. 

It is important to note that Reynolds Polymer Technology was not involved with nor consulted on any of the several renovations, repairs and or maintenance performed on the AquaDom in recent years. The final factor or factors that caused the outer cylinder to collapse remain under continuing investigation, which is not complete. 

As we have communicated to our clients for more than 35 years, only Reynolds Polymer Technology-designated, highly qualified engineers, designers, and technicians should modify or alter any acrylic structure, the acrylic structural support, or anything that can affect the integrity of an acrylic structure made by Reynolds Polymer Technology. 

We also remind any owner considering modifications to their acrylic structure to contact us prior to any alterations. This will give us the opportunity to provide valuable guidance on how to safely modify and extend the life of their structure. 

Finally, we encourage owners to regularly inspect and maintain their structures with highly qualified technicians with an advanced understanding of these complex structures. Reynolds Polymer Technology wants to remain a partner to all our customers, and we are available to help protect your structure. 

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