Avia Park Mall

Visually, the aquarium at Avia Park can be described as four stories of animated sculpture, home to 2,500 specimens of fish and majestic, spiraling Red Sea reef. Structurally, however, the attraction is more a model of precise engineering than aesthetic craft. What appears to be a single column actually consists of 21 separate panels of Highly Engineered Acrylic chemically bonded into seven sections that weigh as much as 13 tons each.

All told, the aquarium is 75 feet tall, 20 feet in diameter and holds 98,000 gallons of salt water. To contain such pressure, the walls were engineered to be up to eight inches thick, requiring a total of 55 metric tons of acrylic. “The tank is deep enough to require decompression stops for the divers who clean it,” explained George Papoutsoglou, Sales Representative for RPT. “This is no run-of-the-mill project, even by RPT standards. Avia Park is extraordinary.”

The aquarium project was produced by International Concept Management, a renowned firm that has partnered with RPT on several projects in the past including the AquaDom, Scheels All Sports, and Morocco Mall.

Project: Avia Park Mall
Location: Moscow, Russia
Application: Aquarium
Year Opened: 2014


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