Blå Lounge Bar

A stylishly high-end bar in Romania features our Highly Engineered Acrylic Ice material. The custom-cast acrylic, heavily ice-textured bar, called the Blå Lounge Bar, sits in the lobby of the Radisson SAS in Bucharest.

Mounted on top of a glass pedestal with small LED lights and crystal blue water beneath, the bar features two horseshoe-shaped sections, each of which required nearly 30,000 cubic inches (approximately 76,000 cubic cm) of deeply textured ice acrylic on the front and sides. As well as a completely smooth acrylic for the top of the bar to prevent wobbly drinks.

Buki Zuker Designers & Architects based in Israel developed the concept and designed the bar. Cube Lighting outside of London designed the colored lighting specifically for this bar, and then installed the lighting on the inside of the bar’s acrylic panels. The morphing light constantly creates a new effect for the bar and surrounding lobby.

Each of the two sections of the bar measures nearly 14 feet long (4.26m) and 9 feet wide (2.74m) and stands 3.5 feet high (1.06m). Every few seconds, lighting panels behind the acrylic bar gradually change the color diffused through the deeply carved ice texture from blue, to turquoise, to pink.

Our Highly Engineered Ice product, originally designed for this project in Bucharest, makes us one of the first acrylic manufacturers to perfect the texture so that it not only looks realistic, its surface texture feels realistic with the peaks, valleys, and contours of real ice– but obviously without the freezing temperatures.

Each sheet of ice is individually made and is one-of-a-kind – which means that the texture of the ice is completely randomized without any repetitive patterns. This ensures that the acrylic Ice more closely resembles real ice, particularly with light refractions off the surface.

For more information about R-Cast® Ice, please visit our Ice page in the Products section.

Project: Blå Lounge Bar
Location: Bucharest, Romania
Application: Architectural Acrylic
Year Opened: 2009


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