Blue Planet

The 2013 reopening of The Blue Planet Aquarium earned the title of Europe’s largest aquarium. The unique design of The Blue Planet resembles the organic movement of wind and water, and portrays the illusion of the underwater world. In total, the facility holds over 7 million liters of water and 53 different aquarium displays.

To create the largest aquarium, known as the Ocean Tank, custom Highly Engineered Acrylic was needed to hold the 1.05 million gallons (4 million liters) of water. The viewing window is 52 feet long and 26 feet tall and shows off the variety of sea life. This exhibit holds the aquarium’s largest animal, the hammerhead shark. A tunnel runs through the Ocean Tank, which measures at 7 feet high and 10 feet wide, giving visitors an intimate underwater viewing experience.

Project: Blue Planet
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Application: Acrylic Window
Year Opened: 2013


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