Château Louis XIV

Construction on the Château Louis XIV project began in 2008 and reflects the architectural style of castles in Europe during the 17th century. The castle grounds feature tranquil gardens, soothing spas, and breathtaking pools that are secured by a mote.

Château Louis XIV also features a spherical dome room that allows visitors a view from beneath the surface. A descending tunnel leads viewers into the seamless dome. Both structures were constructed by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. featuring our Highly Engineered Acrylic. The underwater room is 11 feet tall and 16 feet in diameter with a panel thickness of 2 inches. The tunnel’s unique geometry required an extra 1.5 inches of thickness. Both the dome room and tunnel combine for a total weight of 8,550 lbs of acrylic.

The beauty and scale of this castled property attracts visitors and entices them to stay permanently. The fairytale ambiance of this Cogemad project certainly made it remarkable.

Project: Château Louis XIV
Location: Louveciennes, France
Application: Acrylic Window
Year Opened: 2011


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