Cube Aquarium

Reynolds Polymer Technology provided over 144 metric tons of Highly Engineered Acrylic to the attraction, which is quickly being recognized as one of the most remarkable aquariums in the world.

Two of the acrylic panels at Chengdu feature the Signature Bond™ – an advanced acrylic technology that is being showcased for the first time at the Cube Aquarium. Standard bonds, however minute, are at times detectable as a fine line under specific lighting conditions. RPT’s Signature Bond™, however, is truly imperceptible by the eye. This feature is made possible via our proprietary, monolithic formula. Laminated acrylic panels, those that are composed of several thinner panels that are glued together, do not allow for the fine edges or clarity needed for the Signature Bond™.

Each Signature Bond™ panel at Cube Aquarium is 7.3 meters high, 5 meters long, and tilted at a 10° angle. Though the acrylic involved in each case weighs 11 metric tons, the 38-cm-thick bonds are simply undetectable from common viewing angles. This feat of fusing two giant objects (each panel section is two and a half stories tall and weighs as much as six cars) together in complete harmony will leave a benchmark for the industry.

Project: Cube Aquarium
Location: Chengdu, China
Application: Aquarium
Year Opened: 2015


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