Aqua planet Ilsan opened to the public in April of 2014. The Deep Blue Ocean Encounter, perhaps the most prominent tank in the facility, features a variety of popular deep sea creatures from fish to stingrays. This custom cast acrylic aquarium window is a remarkable 35 feet long by almost 20 feet tall and is 18 inches thick. To manufacture a panel of this magnitude, Reynolds Polymer needed to perform an on-site bond.

RPT created yet another one-of-a-kind tank that was designed for a special creature at Ilsan – the jellyfish. The jellyfish tank required a horseshoe shape that is conducive to generating a steady flow of water. This keeps the invertebrates from becoming trapped in the corners as they would in a traditional tank. At Ilsan, Reynolds manufactured two identical tanks that are tall enough (six and a half feet) to allow visitors to walk under them and experience the magical movements of the sea jellies from all angles.

The large aquarium window in the Shark Tank is also constructed out of RPT’s Highly Engineered Acrylic acrylic. This 27 foot long by 8 foot tall panel gives views of Sand Tiger sharks and other colorful fish. Five ample inches of acrylic separate the sharks from the children who are already lining up to see these classic, toothy predators for the first time.

At the opening ceremony Reynolds Polymer was presented with an “Appreciation Award” by Mr. Jong Gwon Lee, President of aqua planet Ilsan. Only a select few contractors were presented with this award, which reads, “Hanwha presents this appreciation award for the dedicated work and cooperation with Hanwha Ilsan aqua planet project. Our sincere appreciation is expressed with this award.

Project: Ilsan
Location: Seoul, Korea
Application: Acrylic Window
Year Opened: 2014


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