Indian Springs Metropark

The underwater dome room at the Indian Springs Metropark not only gives visitors a chance to view underwater pond life, it also doubles as a classroom. The 1.7 acre (0.7 hectare) pond habitat was recreated with natural logs and vegetation from other area state parks and stocked with local fish and wildlife in order to create the educational center.

Reynolds Polymer Technology was selected to fabricate and install the project. A 20 foot long (6m) Highly Engineered Acrylic tunnel leads visitors underwater to the dome room. The dome room itself is 20 feet in diameter (6m) and is 9 feet tall (2.7m) at its highest point. The room is not submerged too deeply underwater. However, its proximity to the surface does leave the acrylic vulnerable to changing temperatures, therefore the dome walls were cast at 4 inches thick (about 102mm).

Project: Indian Springs Metropark
Location: Indian Springs Metropark
Application: Dome Room and Tunnel
Year Opened: 2007


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