Jewel Changi Airport

The “Rain Vortex,” housed inside the new mixed-use development known as Jewel at Singapore’s Changi Airport, is hailed as the world’s tallest indoor waterfall element with its breathtaking height of 131ft.

Project Jewel is our single largest installation of acrylic panels to date, and at 7,856 square feet of surface area and is hailed as the biggest monolithic piece of acrylic ever engineered. At its completion state, it extends into the structure’s basement and is composed of 24 panels on the top and 16 panels at its base. All the panels were bonded onsite using Reynolds Polymer Technology’s state of the art bonding processes for a seamless display. The weight of the acrylic is 141,000 pounds and 5 stories tall in total. Each panel is 2.5 inches thick and approximately 40 panels were used to compose the structure in its entirety.

Through our strategic conceptualization and manufacturing processes we were able to seamlessly help bring the overall vision for this phenomenal component to life. The airport’s inventive construction welcomes the incorporation of such a uniquely designed focal point. We are eager for visitors from around the world to experience the extraordinary features within the complex, including the Rain Vortex.

Project: Jewel Changi Airport
Location: Singapore
Application: Acrylic Water Feature
Year Opened: 2019


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