Mesa County Library

The Mesa County Library in Grand Junction, CO went through a complete remodel, and in the process decided on showing off R-Cast® Mirage® created by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc,. The library chose to use R-Cast® Mirage® acrylic for the 18 acrylic light features in the library. The five different sublimation patterns used in this project include Nature Blonde Vertical, Nature Blonde Vertical (Direction Modified), Nature Moss, Retro Zig-Zag (Color Modified), and Nature Auburn Vertical. Reynolds Polymer manufactures many different sublimation patterns to fit each individual customer need, giving endless possibilities for architectural projects. Reynolds Polymer’s R-Cast® Mirage® is not limited to lighting fixtures and windows; there are many different ways to incorporate the acrylic into any project.

Project: Mesa County Library
Location: Grand Junction, CO
Application: Architectural Acrylic
Year Opened: 2013


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