New Jersey State Aquarium

RPT’s Highly Engineered Acrylic can be seen throughout various exhibits at the New Jersey State Aquarium. RPT provided thick, clear acrylic windows for the up-close viewing of sharks and other tropical marine life. In fact, the windows in the Ocean Realm exhibit are as large as a movie screen, and thick enough to hold back 760,000 gallons (2.8 million liters) of saltwater. In the same exhibit, a seamless RPT acrylic tunnel cuts across the floor of the aquarium, letting visitors see the tropical marine life swimming in the water surrounding the structure.

RPT also designed and fabricated acrylic windows for the hippo exhibit. Two Nile hippos, each weighing 3,000 pounds (1.4 metric tons), come face-to-face with the aquarium’s visitors. RPT engineered the acrylic panels to withstand the force a hippo would impose on the surface, as well as water pressure as some of the windows allow for underwater viewing of the massive mammals.

Project: New Jersey State Aquarium
Location: Camden, NJ, USA
Application: Acrylic Window
Year Opened: 2005


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