Newport Monolith

The monolithically cast acrylic sign at the Newport Aquarium serves as a “thank you” from RPT to the aquarium for allowing us to play a major part in the construction of the facility. The Newport Monolith sign is placed in front of one of the large aquarium panels RPT provided to the aquarium and describes the scale and weight of the windows, and how they’re engineered. This sign measures 8 feet tall x 5 feet wide (2.4m T x 1.5m W) and is 9.5 inches thick (24cm).

The sign is engraved and illuminated for easy readability, and demonstrates the versatility of our acrylic. The sign reads:

“To commemorate the millennium, Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. presents this monolith to the Newport Aquarium which invited us to play a major part in construction of this modern aquarium of the century. As a manufacturer of custom window panels for aquariums, each piece of RPT acrylic is engineered to withstand the pressure of thousands of tons of water. This piece of acrylic you’re viewing is 9.5 inches thick, 8 feet tall, and is representative of the material used in the penguin exhibit window, which is more than 14.5 feet tall by 30 feet wide and 6 inches thick. This colossal panel weights more than 8 tons. The RPT manufacturing process also reduces any refraction or distortion, ensuring maximum clarity and visibility, whether windows are flat or curved into tunnels like the Amazon Tunnel. The Amazon Tunnel is 80 feet long by 9 feet wide and holds back almost 300 tons of water, equal to the weight of 200 passenger cars parked on the acrylic.”

Project: Newport Monolith
Location: Newport, KY, USA
Application: Architectural
Year Opened: 1999


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