Remember honors the victims of the 9/11 attacks and serves as a kindled reminder to those who still live. Remember is constructed of two transparent, 11” thick blocks of Highly Engineered Acrylic that were carefully crafted with details of the Twin Towers, right down to the arches above the lower floor windows and the spire atop the North Tower. The memorial’s lighting was, quite appropriately, designed by local firefighters and harmonizes perfectly with the reflective properties of acrylic, providing for the towers to shine with striking brilliance.

The most remarkable feature of the September 11 luminary is perhaps the iron object that is suspended between the acrylic towers. The Pentagon provided an actual piece of steel beam from the World Trade Center, weighing over 200 pounds, which serves as the centerpiece of the statue. The raw shape of the steel, obviously cut to size with a powerful torch, is a stark reminder of the effort that was undertaken to clean up Ground Zero.

Project: Remember
Location: Grand Junction, CO USA
Application: Architectural Signage
Year Opened: 2013


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