Sands Casino & Resort Bethlehem

Built on the site of the old Bethlehem Steel factory, the Sands Casino & Resort Bethlehem takes architectural cues from the industry that once dominated the area. RPT was selected to manufacture acrylic cylinders that mimicked the cannons found in steel manufacturing. These five, bright orange cylinders are suspended in varying heights above the steam-emitting base.

Illuminated from within, the cylinders range in height from 24 feet tall (7.3m) to 32 feet tall (9.8m) and from 18 inches (46cm) in diameter to 3 feet (91cm) in diameter. A total of 22 smaller cylinders were manufactured to achieve the style and size that the architects desired.

Project: Sands Casino & Resort Bethlehem
Location: Bethlehem, PA USA
Application: Architectural
Year Opened: 2009


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