Seattle Aquarium

The seemingly simple window Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. manufactured for the Seattle Aquarium is backed by thousands of calculations to ensure the window not only was engineered properly, but that it also provided superior visibility into the aquarium behind it. The result is a 20 foot tall (6m) and 40 foot wide (12m) acrylic window installed at an angle to maximize the viewing area. And because of the depth at which it was installed for the 120,000 gallon (454,000 liter) tank behind it, the acrylic window is 12.5 inches thick (318mm).

The Window on Washington Waters exhibit is modeled after the Neah Bay’s rock blades. Filled with salmon, rockfish, sea anemones, and other marine life native to the state, they live amid the kelp-filled seawater in the wild and in this environment. Three times a day divers wearing specialized masks dive down and are able to talk to the visitors about the exhibit and the wildlife within it.

Project: Seattle Aquarium
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Application: Acrylic Window
Year Opened: 2007


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