Valley Medical Center

Soothing sounds of water greet patients and visitors of the Valley Medical Center in Renton, Washington thanks to our Highly Engineered Acrylic. Conceived with the notion of creating a tranquil environment out of stressful situations, the curved, clear acrylic wall of water provides a graceful and calming centerpiece to the hospital’s main waiting room.

The fountain is hollow on the inside to allow the water to be pumped to the top of the feature so that it can cascade down the sides of it. The fountain is made entirely of R-Cast® clear acrylic and weighs 9,000 pounds (4.1 metric tons). It stands 9 feet high and 17 feet wide (2.7m H x 5.2m W).

Project: Valley Medical Center
Location: Renton, WA, USA
Application: Acrylic Water Feature
Year Opened: 2007


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