The Importance of Specifying Quality Materials

In any architectural and construction project, especially one built for public consumption, quality is paramount. It is simply not enough that the elements are carefully and professionally designed. The look, feel, and structural integrity of the actual work must be completed as advertised. The finished project will become just as much a reflection of the […]

Otter Family’s New Home a Top Attraction

Otter Family’s New Home a Top Attraction with Aquarium Builder Reynolds Polymer Technology’s R-Cast® Acrylic Tennessee Aquarium’s River Otter Falls has undertaken the most substantial redesign in its 22-year history. Specially manufactured viewing windows from RPT allow the public to enjoy the exhibit. Grand Junction, CO. June 30, 2014 – The river otters at Tennessee Aquarium have […]

Another Record Breaking Attraction Made With RPT Acrylic

Another Record Breaking Attraction Made Possible With Acrylic by Aquarium Builder Reynolds Polymer Technology RPT played a pivotal role in the newly opened Aquarium Inbursa in Mexico City by manufacturing customized R-Cast® acrylic for several state-of-the-art exhibits. Grand Junction, CO. June 13, 2014 – Visitors are now able to explore a new, state-of-the- art aquarium […]

RPT Recognized at Grand Opening of aqua planet Ilsan

Reynolds Polymer Technology Recognized at Grand Opening of aqua planet Ilsan RPT received an award for their dedicated work and cooperation in the newly opened aquarium in South Korea. Reynolds supplied their R-Cast® acrylic for multiple must-see exhibits. Grand Junction, CO. April 28, 2014 – Aqua planet Ilsan is the latest aquatic masterpiece in South Korea, where […]

RPT Provides Acrylic for the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. Provides Acrylic Panels for State-Of-The-Art Loveland Living Planet Aquarium RPT manufactured R-Cast® panels for the new Loveland Living Planet Aquarium in Utah, which is now a key attraction for aquarium enthusiasts and tourists alike. Draper, UT. March 31, 2014 – The wait for the greatly anticipated reopening of the Loveland Living […]

Blue Planet Aquarium Reopens to Become Northern Europe’s Largest

Blue Planet Aquarium Reopens to Become Northern Europe’s Largest and Features R-Cast® Acrylic by Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. The Blue Planet Aquarium located in Copenhagen, Denmark is being recognized as Northern Europe’s largest and most spectacularly designed aquarium. The R-Cast® acrylic viewing window and tunnel from Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. gives visitors panoramic views into the Ocean exhibit. […]

Elevator Built through World’s Largest Conical Acrylic Aquarium

Shoppers at Luxe Moroccan Mall Take Elevator through World’s Largest Conical Acrylic Aquarium Designed and Built by International Concept Management The cone-shaped aquarium designed and built by International Concept Management, Inc. at a Moroccan luxury mall is the world’s first and largest acrylic structure of its type. The acrylic aquarium gives shoppers a chance to […]

RPT Installs Trendy Acrylic Ice bar

Reynolds Polymer Technology Installs Trendy Acrylic Ice Bar in Romania R-Cast® Ice material debuts in the lobby of the new Radisson SAS hotel in Bucharest, Romania. This marks the first custom-cast project with the ice texture for Reynolds. Modeled after bars made out of real ice, this installation offers a stylishly unique and high-end atmosphere […]