Quality Standards for R-Cast® Acrylic

Whether it is a standard acrylic window or a one-of-a-kind application, Reynolds Polymer Technology’s R-Cast® acrylic is the material of choice. Architects all over the world recognize that RPT’s distinct product, dedication to quality, and corresponding success are hinged upon a stringent set of manufacturing criteria. While the applications utilizing R-Cast have been numerous and varied, the standards for any project that leaves our facility are not allowed to waiver.
All Reynolds Polymer acrylic is continuously tested according to ASTM guidelines in three separate areas: physical properties, optical validation, and optical performance. Each of our three manufacturing facilities has the necessary equipment to test these areas with regularity and accuracy.
The physical properties of R-Cast® are analyzed by putting the product under a series of stresses. Because our acrylic windows are often subjected to pressure from thousands of gallons of water, or hurricane-speed wind loads, ensuring a generous safety factor is vital. Our Safety Factor, based on the ASME standard for tensile strength, is a minimum of 11.2. This means that our acrylic can potentially handle 11.2 times the amount of expected load before breaking.  How strong is this? As a point of reference, commercial aircraft are designed to a safety factor of 1.5, and NASA equipment is rated at a safety factor of 4.
In order to validate optical metrics, the Reynolds Polymer quality team conducts a series of objective tests that are carried out according to ASTM procedure. These include Haze testing, and distortion inspection via a precise Grid Board. It is paramount that any persons visiting an exhibit with our product be given the sharpest viewing experience possible.
Optical performance is measured throughout the manufacturing process at various stages of production using a spectrophotometer. The light is transmitted through the acrylic and the hues are calculated through the wavelengths. Technicians are able to record color consistency and even detect haze, ensuring that our panels maintain the necessary clarity.
Our reputation in the industry is based upon a desire to exceed expectations, not just meet them. Reynolds Polymer’s commitment to this level of quality is ensured by accredited industry guidelines, objective testing, and following precedent taken from over 1600 jobs.  Are you interested in learning more about R-Cast® acrylic and how it may be the right material for your next project? Do not hesitate to reach out to a member of our sales or design team. Attachment C, a document with guidelines and specs for all RPT products, is available for download on our website.