New Project Video: Chimelong Ocean Kingdom

Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. manufactured and installed R-Cast® acrylic for multiple exhibits at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – which is now the largest aquarium in the world. The massive new facility houses seven different areas that are designed to replicate different global habitats and aquatic regions. Reynolds Polymer Technology, Inc. created custom panels for many of the exhibits at Chimelong, including the penguin area, the freshwater exhibit, and the Beluga whale pool. A true RPT creation is the one-of-a-kind tunnel that runs through the penguin exhibit. Visitors are able to walk through the 68 foot long, curved, underwater tunnel and see multiple species of penguins. This acrylic tunnel features a 120° bend and offers the unique feature of viewing two different penguin exhibits within the same tunnel! R-Cast® acrylic made it possible to connect each habitat with acrylic, rather than concrete, for a seamless transition from one area to the next.